Rob Fort Series Ultralite Floating Gaff With Mounts

Rob Fort Series Ultralite Floating Gaff With Mounts
The ultimate fishing tool suitable for a kayak, inflatable and other watercraft
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The ultimate gaff suitable for general handling of fish and ultra light construction

Safety message: Gaffs used with kayaks should not be connected to the vessel by a lanyard, especially during surf entry/exit where capsize/wave pressure is possible and could dislodge the gaff. This may cause a scenario where the gaff will be dragged along resulting in potential for injury to the user.

Sleek compact design built on a high strength reinforced glass rod. Includes durable handle for the best comfort and grip plus  stainless head stock forged in rigid efficient design, tri-cut tip for the ultimate penetration and point sheath. The quality head stock uses stainless fastening and two part glue system providing superior strength. Braided cord tether connects the gaff to an float.

  • Fiberglass rod construction
  • Neoprene soft handle
  • Stainless tri-cut hook
  • Nylon quick release clips for easy attachment.
  • Gaff floats if lost over the side and float assists with locating
  • NZ Made
  • Polycarbonate mounting clips
  • Overal Length 47cm
  • Hook gape: 70mm