Rob Fort Series Speed Fish Threader

Rob Fort Series Speed Fish Threader
Safely convey large fish to enable easy storage in the rear well area of kayak
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Designed to enable easy transfer and storage of your catch into rear well areas. Don't learn the hard way like inexperienced kayak anglers have losing fish due to roll over from loading larger fish and during surf crossing, which could have been avoided by using a simple fish stringer.

The welded stainless rod which is connected to the cord which has no crimps to catch on fishes teeth, gills, allowing easy feeding through the mouth and gill plate. The 3 mm braided polyester cord feeds through the fishes mouth and gills to allow it to run down the line into the rear well. Comes ready to use with attachment clips for both ends of the system.

  • NZ Made
  • 4m cord allows for plenty of fish storage on the line
  • Braided polyester cord
  • 316 Stainless steel
  • 33cm welded thread rod
  • Quality snap and asymetric clips