Rob Fort Series Ice Pack Catch Cooler Small

Rob Fort Series Ice Pack Catch Cooler Small
Cool your fish down safely on the kayak while saving money
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One of the most common problems with kayak fishing is the inability to care for fish. Placing them in an insulated storage system offers protection although is limited without the ability to cool it down. Ice has a short lifespan returning to liquid once defrosted. In this form its mass can move freely within the area causing stability issues. The ice pack cooler prevents this by containing its mass and is designed to use in conjunction with storage systems like insulated catch bags, kayak coolers and pods. 

made up of individual cells that are held together using a PVC bag. Each cell is contained within a tough shell and is filled with a non-toxic material that stays cold for longer periods of time than conventional ice. Even longer cooling times are achieved when multiple cells are contained together within a PVC bag. By placing the PVC ice pack catch cooler within an insulated storage system the user creates a solid layer of ice on the bottom surface. This places fish directly onto the ice and begins cooling them down immediately after landing. The benefits include a more consistent chill zone within the space resulting in optimum eating quality of the catch. The outer surface is tough, resists puncturing from fish spikes, easy to clean and will not absorb odours. The ice pack cooler saves money in the long term because it can be used for years and is recharged by placing in the freezer.

  • Contains 4 individual cells
  • Size (cm):  26 L x 21 W x 4 D
  • Heavy duty PVC