Daiwa Baitjunkie 4 inch Grub

Daiwa Baitjunkie 4 inch Grub
Single tail grub can be deadly on snapper and other predatory fish
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A single tail grub can be deadly on snapper and other saltwater predatory fish, and the BaitJunkie 4” Grub is ready to take on the challenge. The first thing you’ll notice is the tail design of the 4” Grub differs to the parallel tail of the smaller 2.5” size. This is because a 4” Grub is more often fished with heavier weight heads and doesn’t have the same requirement of incredibly slow swim speeds on the fall, as the 2.5”.As larger sized baits tend to be used in deeper water or dirtier water chasing more estuarine sportfish species, the rolled over tail design of the 4” Grub creates more disturbance in the water, allowing predators to key in on the bait even when the water is not clear.

Once again, a rigging line is prominent on both the top and bottom sides of the body for those who prefer a tail up or down rigging method. Available in 9 great colours the BaitJunkie 4” Grub is an ideal choice for shallow water snapper and inshore Saltwater species, as well as tempting Trout and other freshwater species when the bite is slow or the water has a lot of colour in it. The BaitJunkie 4” Grub comes in 5 pieces per pack.

  • Length: 88mm
  • Jighead recommendation: #2 - #5/0
  • Colours available: Grey Nomad Glow, Creaming Soda, BP Iwashi Glow, Motor Oil UV, Banana Split, Baby Bass
  • Pack size 5