Berkley Gulp 6 inch Grub Softbait

Berkley Gulp 6 inch Grub Softbait
Ideal softbait shape for large reef and pelagic predators!
NZ$ 14.90
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A classic fish catching shape, the Gulp Grubs are easy to use with a tantalising built in tail action and Gulp scent and flavour, the grub is a great bait for novice and expert anglers alike. Grubs can be fished vertically, dropping down to the strike zone with heavy jigs. They can also be cast and retrieved or trolled with just about any weight jighead or other rig on the surface, mid water or the bottom depending on what species you are targeting.

Deadly on larger predators like snapper, kingfish and deep water species like grouper and just about anything else that swims in New Zealand’s salt water systems, rig them using jigheads or swivel head rigs.

Jighead hook size rigging recommendation for 5" Grub

  • Nitro Jighead Saltwater Pro Series #3.0, 5/0,7/0
  • Elevator Head #5.0 and 7/0
  • Gulp releases 400 times more scent than plastic baits.
  • Gulp has been proven effective on just about every New Zealand species of fish.
  • Quantity per pack: 4
  • Colours available: Nuclear Chicken, Pink Shine, New Penny, Salmon Red