Zest Super Deep Jig 300 Gram

Zest Super Deep Jig 300 Gram
Tail weighted jig design to fall quickly to the sea floor with gliding action
NZ$ 29.00
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Zest Super Deep jigs are a tail weighted design to fall quickly to the sea floor with gliding action. They are made to work in very deep water, or areas with high current and incorporate a lumo paint scheme which is excellent for deep water jigging.

These are the big jigs for big fish and the narrow profile of this jig means it can be easily retrieved from the bottom with minimal angler fatigue.

• Rigged weight on tail.
• Reverse, then centre balanced.
• Glo belly section.
• Holographic finish on one side.
• Mirror finish opposite side.

  • Jig Weight: 300gms
  • Available Colours: Blue/Pink, Blue/Green Lumo, Red Head, Orange
  • Length: 24cm
  • Includes Kevlar assist rig, split ring & hook