Mustad Circle Flasher Rig

Mustad Circle Flasher Rig
Ultra Point Octopus Flasher Rigs for most fish species
NZ$ 8.99
[{"colour":"Chartreuse","code":"023534428997","size":"4/0 hooks","price":8.99,"qty":5,"pid":3640171,"style":"","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/621503/pid3640170/mustard2575423398.jpg","title":"Mustad Circle Flasher Rig"},{"colour":"Chartreuse","size":"5/0 hooks","price":8.99,"qty":0,"pid":3640172,"style":"","disabled":true,"imgsrc":"/images/621503/pid3640170/mustard2575423398.jpg","title":"Mustad Circle Flasher Rig"},{"colour":"Chartreuse","code":"023534429017","size":"6/0 hooks","price":8.99,"qty":1,"pid":3640173,"style":"","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/621503/pid3640170/mustard2575423398.jpg","title":"Mustad Circle Flasher Rig"}]
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The Mustad Snapper Ultra Point Octopus Flasher Rigs are very versatile and will catch just about any fish species. These rigs feature a flasher to help entice the bite, plus the special Ultra Point Snapper hooks. These rigs can catch fish without bait, but they work even better when used with natural bait.

  • Chemically sharpened ultra point hooks
  • Flasher enhances the appeal of the bait
  • Professionally tied
  • Colour: Chartreuse
  • Hook sizes 4/0, 5/0 and 6/0
  • Hooks per rig - 2