Gamakatsu Assist 59 Light Hooks 1/0

Gamakatsu Assist 59 Light Hooks 1/0
The perfect assist hook to match your micro jigs
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Prevent micro jigs from getting mangled from repeated use before you lose your catch! Keep a few spare Gamakatsu 59 Light Micro Jig Assist Rigs in your tackle box ready to use - so you can keep fishing with your favourite micro jig. It features 2 short shank circle hooks with line and shrink tubing for strength. Plus it has an attached baitfly that reflects light underwater for added fish attraction.

  • Dual assist hook
  • Fine wire and high strength
  • Short "fast" chemically sharpened point
  • "Rust-free" high carbon steel
  • 1/0 Hook
  • Bright saltwater finish
  • Baitfly for extra appeal
  • Quantity: 2pcs per pack