Berkley Powerbait HD Hollowbelly 4 inch

Berkley Powerbait HD Hollowbelly 4 inch
Renowned paddle tail profile and one of the widest, most irresistible body rolls
NZ$ 15.90
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The Hollowbelly is based on the renowned paddle tail profile known for one of the widest, most irresistible body rolls in the game. The new Hollowbelly features High Definition finishes. There are four ultra-realistic colours in the lineup: Yakka, Slimy, Mullet and Garfish, all of which are high on the hit list of any predator’s menu.

They also offer durability which is perfect when the bite is ultra hot or there are other species like leather jackets known to decimate Berkley Gulp softbaits

About Berkley Powerbaits

You don’t eat food that looks or tastes bad. Neither do fish. Our scientists have dedicated decades of research to understanding how fish use scent and taste to influence their decision on which bait to bite – and which to let go. The result? A secret fish-catching formula so revolutionary, it can’t be replicated: PowerBait. Combine powerful scent with life-like colours and realistic swimming actions, and you’ve got a trusted bait that outperforms everytime. Trust us, the proof is in the bite.

  • Size 4 inch
  • Quantity 4 pack
  • Colours: Slimey and Yakka