Zest Sling Jig 28 Gram

Zest Sling Jig 28 Gram
Replicate smaller baitfish with this micro jig
NZ$ 15.50
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EXCELLENT QUALITY! - The Zest Metal Jig is shaped with a weighted upper body producing a vertical sliding action.

When worked correctly this jig can out fish many other lures. It has proven deadly on snapper and is designed for targeting predatory fish.

Ideal for catching: Snapper, Gurnard, Kingfish, Kahawai, Blue Cod, John Dory, Tuna and many other species.

Technique: Work in a slow pitch action with pauses on the descent and a quick wind of the reel handle when retrieving, this will ensure the jig darts erratically. Jig can be cast and worked back to the angler, trolled or fast retrieved for kahawai and tuna.

  • Rigged with twin heavy duty assist hooks
  • Lumo stripes

Check out how to fish micro jigs by watching this video tutorial

  • 9cm long
  • 28 gram
  • 4 colours