Zest Curvaceous Jig 200 Gram

Zest Curvaceous Jig 200 Gram
Fast sinking center weighed jig with great action
NZ$ 26.90
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This is a fast sinking center weighed jig with great action when jigged fast or slow. It has good hang and slide time.

Use with a high rod action to allow the jig plenty of slide time.

These jigs are “centre weighted” and are moderate fast sinking to make the jig fall in a fluttering fashion to the sea floor. This type of action will encourage hits during the fall and hits during the lift. These jigs have a lot of holographic flash to again entice a more predator strike. It is well suited to any repetitive yoyo action and high and long fall jigging actions.

Perfect for Kingfish and other deep water dwellers

  • Length: 19cm
  • Includes Kevlar assist rig, split ring & hook
  • 200g
  • 4 colour options available