Jigstar Twisted Sista UL PE 1-3 Rod

Jigstar Twisted Sista UL PE 1-3 Rod
Quality set built for tough predatory fish
NZ$ 550.00
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The Jig Star Twisted Sista Overhead Jigging Rod uses the best of both Overhead and Spin designs for the ultimate in jigging performance. Acid wrap guide design reduces damage from blank twist and harnesses the blank’s full potential. The Jig Star Twisted Sista provides a more powerful and robust way to fish with overhead reels.


The Jig Star Twisted Sista Acid Wrap Overhead Jig Rod was one of the original acid wrap guide designs that changed the way anglers viewed overhead jigging rods altogether. An innovative design that provides the incredible benefits of both an overhead & spin jig set by overcoming black twists and increasing power. The tapered Nano black provides unmatched power and guide flow allowing for an angling experience other big brands cannot match. The Jig Star Twisted Sista UL Acid Wrap Overhead Jig Rod brings together an innovative design supported by world-class componentry now famous across the Jig Star range. 

Jigstar Twisted Sista Rod

  • Model - TS55BUL
  • Action - Ultra Light
  • Length - 5.5 ft
  • Line - PE1-3
  • Lure weight - 60-200g
  • Application - Jigging