Jigstar In-Line Hooks

Jigstar In-Line Hooks
Designed to be used on lures such as poppers and stickbaits with four sizes available
NZ$ 13.50
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The Jig Star In-Line Popper and Stickbait Hooks are made to be used on lures such as poppers and stickbaits with a single split right to attach each hook to the belly and tail tie points.

Made from super strong and sharp high carbon steel finished with a superior anti-corrosion process for longevity. Each hook also features an optimised hook gape and barb-point configuration to ensure consistent hooksets, and a shorter shank for optimised lure action in the water. The eye is welded to the hook shank for additional strength, as well as to eliminate any chance of "line fouling" on the hook's eye.

  • Designed for use on lures such as poppers and stickbaits
  • High carbon steel
  • Superior anti-corrosion pricess
  • Optimised hook gape and barb-point configuration
  • Shorter shank
  • Welded eye