Daiwa Emeraldas DART II Squid Jig 3.0

Daiwa Emeraldas DART II Squid Jig 3.0
A few enhancements to make them even better
NZ$ 19.99
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The new Daiwa Emeraldas Dart II Squid Jig has all the key features that made the original Emeraldas Dart so good, with a few enhancements to make them even better. The nose of the Dart II has a finer taper, and the attachment point moves in-line with the centre of the body (vertical line eye). This minimises resistance through the water, making the jig feel lighter and more responsive to angler input. The Dart II has a sharper more attractive darting action. To compliment this, Daiwa selected a range of well-proven colours based off the previous model's performance. The inner tape of the Dart II will glow suspiciously in the water and invite nearby Squid.

The Emeraldas Dart II Retains the original 'high skewed sinker' which achieves exceptional flight distance and stable falling angle by lowering the centre of gravity. As well as the Saqsas hooks that 'stick crisply' without missing the touch of a single tentacle.

Saqsas Hooks
Daiwa's hook sharpening technology that involves a revolutionary metal plating process that results in a more refined, sharper hook that is less prone to corrosion.

  • Premium cloth Squid jigs
  • High skewed sinker: exceptional flight distance and stable falling angle
  • Saqsas hooks: more refined, sharper hook that is less prone to corrosion
  • Sinking lure: a lure that sinks when cast into the water or paused during the retrieve
  • Nose is sharper and the eye is in a vertical line for better water penetration and refined performance
  • Model: EM Dart II 3.0
  • Depth: 0-Bottom (4S/M)
  • Length: 110mm
  • Type: Jig (EGI)
  • Weight: 13.5g
  • 4 colour options

Note: The naming convention for the colour of Daiwa EGI is as follows; first half – tape colour of inner cloth, second half – colour of outer cloth.