Berkley Nitro Elevator Heads 1oz & 4oz

Berkley Nitro Elevator Heads 1oz & 4oz
Get softbaits down deep quickly, while still retaining deadly action.
NZ$ 14.90
[{"colour":"Orange","code":"028632554661","size":"7/0 hook","price":14.9,"qty":1,"pid":3634000,"style":"4oz","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/621503/pid3633999/803969366.jpg","title":"Berkley Nitro Elevator Heads 1oz & 4oz"},{"colour":"Pink","code":"028632780893","size":"5/0 hook","price":14.9,"qty":2,"pid":3634001,"style":"4oz","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/621503/pid3633999/803969366.jpg","title":"Berkley Nitro Elevator Heads 1oz & 4oz"},{"colour":"Lumo","code":"028632265765","size":"5/0 hook","price":14.9,"qty":2,"pid":3634002,"style":"4oz","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/621503/pid3633999/803969366.jpg","title":"Berkley Nitro Elevator Heads 1oz & 4oz"},{"colour":"Pink","code":"028632780879","size":"5/0 hook","price":14.9,"qty":1,"pid":3634003,"style":"1oz","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/621503/pid3633999/803969366.jpg","title":"Berkley Nitro Elevator Heads 1oz & 4oz"},{"colour":"Lumo","code":"028632545553","size":"5/0 hook","price":14.9,"qty":1,"pid":3634004,"style":"1oz","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/621503/pid3633999/803969366.jpg","title":"Berkley Nitro Elevator Heads 1oz & 4oz"}]
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Originally developed by Mark ‘The Captain’ Phillips while targeting Snapper and Kingfish in New Zealand.

The idea was to get Berkley Gulp softbaits down deep quickly, while still retaining that deadly fluttering, wounded baitfish action.

The parallels are obvious with snapper, kingfish, blue cod, gurnard plus other sand dwelling and reef species ideal targets. These are also deadly on anything that hangs in deep water and eats baitish finding this innovative set up hard to resist. Used in conjunction with Nitro Elevator hooks and Berkley Gulp these are perfect when you need to get a softbait down into the depths quickly.

  • Heavy duty Yakiba hook
  • Quad grip grub keeper
  • Retains natural action even with heaviest of weights
  • Designed for deep water applications
  • Made specifically for Berkley Softbaits
  • Colours: Lumo, orange and pink
  • Weights: 1oz & 4oz
  • Hook sizes: 5/0 and 7/0
  • Quantity per pack -  2