Battery Charger 12V 1.6amp 3 Stage

Battery Charger 12V 1.6amp 3 Stage
Fully automatic charger for 12 volt automotive batteries
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This fully automatic charger plugs into mains power point and will charge 12V automotive batteries. Perfect for charging maintenance on motorcycle, jet skis and other small infrequently used vehicles to ensure you always have a charged battery.

Suitable for charging small vehicle batteries up to 250CCA or 40A/H and maintaining batteries up to 100A/H

  • Fully automatic 3 stage charging system
  • 1.6 amp charging current for faster charge times
  • Short curcuit and reverse polarity and overload protected
  • Charges from zero volts, enabling charging to a dead flat battery
  • Suitable for 12V automotive batteries, including GEL, Calcium sealed and conventional Lead Acid