Jarvis Walker Breakaway Surf Sinker

Jarvis Walker Breakaway Surf Sinker
Excellent for casting distance while providing good bottom grip
NZ$ 8.30
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These unique Jarvis Walker Breakaway Surf Sinkers are designed to allow the four individual grips to be precisely tensioned on the extremely hard wearing head. Excellent for maximising casting distance while also providing good bottom grip.

Each of these Breakaway Sinkers has 4 wires that come out from the bottom, preventing the actual lead sinker from snagging.

If the wire gets snagged, it automatically flips down to release the sinker.

Essentially this gives you a sinker with great grip into the sand and little chance of getting snagged.


  • Sizes available: 3 and 4 ounce
  • Pack size: 2 sinkers