Rob Fort Series Adjustable Running Anchor System 6mm 4.4m to 5m

Rob Fort Series Adjustable Running Anchor System 6mm 4.4m to 5m
Multi-fit design universal to most brands of kayak
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Anchoring a kayak when fishing is an integral part of the system and a must have for any serious fishing kayak. This is the only design on the market that offers a multi-fit option making it universal to most brands of kayak sold in New Zealand.

The anchor system allows the user to access the anchor from the seating position and uses a loop that runs between two pulley blocks that are fixed to saddles at either end (bow and stern) of the kayak. The swivel snap clip prevents line twisting plus allows the quick attachment and changeover of any number of anchor options available. The system is made using high quality braided polyester 6mm cord and suits kayaks that are longer than 4.3 meters in length. All components used are quality 316 grade stainless fittings. The anchor systems come with fastenings and saddles for easy attachment to all Viking and Ocean Kayak fishing models with moulded in inserts.

  • Swivel snap clip prevents twisting allowing quick anchor attachment and change over.
  • 6mm double braid polyester rope (plaited inner core) colour - blue.
  • 316 grade stainless fittings.
  • Fully adjustable/multi fit on most kayak makes and models.
  • Includes stainless saddles and 5mm fastenings to fit Ocean Kayak and Viking Kayak fishing models with brass inserts.
  • Quality fittings to handle the harsh marine environment.